3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Working Boots For Your Husband

If you are looking into purchasing some outdoor work boots for your husband, there are multiple things that you are going to need to take into consideration. This article will discuss 3 of these things. Type Of Work The most important thing to take into consideration is the type of outdoor work that your husband is going to be doing in his boots. If he is going to be fighting fires, you are going to need to purchase boots that are heat resistant that go high enough to protect his legs and have soles that aren't going to melt on hot ground. Read More 

Simplifying Trips To The Laundromat

Pop Quiz: What's the worst thing to do on a gorgeous day off work? Answer: Sit in a steamy laundromat for hours. But a trip to the laundromat doesn't have to be drudgery. With a few tricks, a trip to the laundromat can be efficient and maybe even fun. Pre-Planning Try to avoid going to the laundromat immediately after work or on busy weekend hours. That's when laundromat users will have to wait for machines, and heading out during those busy laundromat hours can make a quick trip turn into an all-day affair. Read More 

Keeping Your Nice High Heels In Excellent Condition: Tips For Care

When it comes to nice shoes, you want to keep them in beautiful condition for as long as possible. This can seem difficult when you love to wear your heels on a regular basis. Here are ways you can protect those heels and keep your shoes looking great for as long as you own them. Make repairs before you need them Shoe repairs aren't just for footwear that have holes or broken heels—they are also for shoes that are already in great condition to prevent possible damage in the future. Read More 

How To Care For Real Wooden Sunglasses

If your preferred fashion style is boho-chic, swap out your boring plastic-framed sunglasses for rustic-yet-luxurious wood versions instead. These glasses are made out of a variety of woods, including rosewood, maple, walnut, oak, and modenia. Some are constructed of sustainable woods, such as bamboo, so they're not only fashionable, they're good for the environmental as well.  Sunglasses with wooden frames, which will complement a variety of outfit styles, are typically treated with a natural coating, such as beeswax or extra-virgin olive oil, to give them an attractive shine and to protect them from the elements. Read More 

2016 Fall Leather Handbag Trends

As summer is coming to an end, many department stores are clearing out their summer merchandise and making way for fun fall finds. If you are an avid shopper or simply looking to update your closet with a few trendy pieces, you may be on the lookout for a great handbag that will be trendy and stylish. Paying attention to runway trends is a great predictor as to what styles, colors, shapes and sizes will be popular. Read More