How To Pair Your Lucchese Cowboy Boots With Formal Wear: For Men And Women

Some may think that any occasion is appropriate to wear your cowboy boots. You can wear them with just about anything, but there are a few rules to follow when pairing them with more formal attire or when wearing them to work. Both men and women need to follow rules when wearing their boots to a nicer restaurant or a day at the office. See below for helpful tips for both men and women on how to wear your cowboy boots with formal wear.

Boots For Men

Men can usually get away with wearing cowboy boots with khakis, dress pants, suits, or dark wash jeans. But there is a fine line between looking silly and looking sophisticated when pairing your boots with your formal wear.

Men's boots shouldn't be too gaudy or colorful when matching with more formal attire. Boots should be more neutral in color, such as black or brown without too many embellishments. Boots can be made of exotic leathers, such as ostrich, lizard or cobra, as long as they are subdued. Avoid contrast welting, such as python leather materials, which can look a little too over the top. As will needle nose-tipped boots. Choose boots with a rounded toe instead. 

As with any type of shoe, match your boots to your outfit, and your boot color should match with the color of your belt as well. 

Boots For Women

Women don't have nearly as many rules when it comes to cowboy boots, as men do. Women can wear their cowboy boots with anything from sundresses and skirts to more formal dresses, both long and short. Some women even opt to wear their cowboy boots with their wedding dresses. The cowboy boot trend is very popular, and not just with women in the South. Women wear them just about anywhere. 

Although boots can be worn with just about anything for women, you need to be sure they are a good fit. Boots that you normally wear riding, for work, or wear on an everyday basis should be left at home instead of pairing them with more formal attire. Opt instead for boots that look a little less worn-in, and boots that match more appropriately with your fancier outfit.

No matter what pair of cowboy boots you choose to wear with your formal attire, be sure they are a proper fitting pair and match well with your outfit--a key tip for both men a women.