Work Smarter, Not Harder: Create A Minimalist Wardrobe For Work

Getting ready for work takes up time in the morning. Decreasing the time that you must spend getting ready for work will give you more time to sleep, exercise, meditate, or spend with family before you leave in the morning. In order to decrease the time spent in preparation for work, consider coming up with a minimalist work wardrobe to make yourself happy.

Go with neutral shades, plus a twist or two

Neutral shades in a wardrobe are one of the easiest methods for creating a minimalist wardrobe. The neutral shade ranges include white, black, browns, and greys. Navy can also be included in a neutral wardrobe and will match any color shirts. In case you want to spice up your look for holidays or special work occasions, select a standout red shirt that pairs well with your skin tone.  

Select quality work pants

You can find work pants for sale online that will be within your budget and will be of high quality. Since you will be washing your pants often, you want to get slacks that are made of khaki or cotton material that will hold up well. Be sure that the pants fit well and that there will be no pilling or snagging of the fabrics. Select pants in a black, navy, or khaki color to keep your wardrobe easy to match.

Three pairs of shoes max

Your shoes closet consist of black or neutral shoes in order to match all of your pants and shirts. A few pairs of dress shoes is all you really need. For women, stick to simple high heels, a pair of low heels, and a pair of fancy, work approved flats for your office wardrobe. Wearing shoes often will break them in, which will make them comfortable to wear. If you live in a harsh winter climate, you may elect to have a pair of black winter boots.

One coat is enough

One winter coat is plenty for winter office wear. Pick a black or white pea coat so that you can look professional on the way to the office in the winter. A single winter coat makes it easier to grab and go when you are on the way out the door in the morning. One winter coat also means that you can put work keys, identification, and other necessities inside of your coat pocket and never have to worry about leaving them "in your other coat."