Three Ways To Ease Your Child (And Yourself) Into Edgy Clothing

If your child wishes to have a more edgy clothing style, you may not be in agreeance. One thing to remember is that childhood may be the best time to experiment with clothing and hair styles. Since children will not have the constraints of the workplace, they will be free to choose the style that they desire. If you are willing to be a little lenient and allow your child to dress in the edgy style that they prefer, here are some ways to ease into it so that you are both comfortable. 

Pick a hairstyle together

Being seen as edgy often starts with a haircut. If your child wishes to change their hair, insist on sitting down and going through a hair styling book together. This way you can learn about the hair style that your child is interested in and see if there are some styles that you are comfortable with. There are almost always some ways to compromise on a hairstyle. For instance, if your child is interested in a mohawk and you are not into the style, you may allow them to get a reverse bob or pageboy hairstyle with a longer front. Hairstyle compromises that look good to you and your child will be important. 

Insist on quality clothing material 

Having edgy clothing is no excuse for not having quality clothing. If your main concern is your child having good looking clothes that will last, look for clothing brands that offer quality materials and build. If your child wishes to have leggings, select thick cotton leggings, or leggings with a fleece interior as they will hold up longer. For shirts, select shirts made of thick materials so that they will not easily develop holes or fade. Allow your child to select the clothing designs that they prefer as long as they meet with your liking as far as the quality. 

Go with a color scheme

If you want to allow your child to wear some edgy clothing but still keep a lot of typical, casual clothing in their closet go with a color scheme. This will allow your child to mix and match all of the outfits of the style they chose. This means that they can have several shirts and several pants and make a few outfits each month. If they have common clothing, such as slacks, they will be able to wear edgy shirts with their normal pants for a more normal, but pleasing look for them. 

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