Dressing For A Fall Music Festival

Music festivals are a great way to show off your unique style while also enjoying music from your favorite bands. They can feel like a big party in a field with a bunch of your closest friends and thousands of new ones! Most music festivals are held in the summer, when temperatures are warm and skies are sunny, but if you're attending a fall music festival, the temps will be chillier, which can make dressing properly a challenge. Here are some tips to ensure you are stylish and comfortable.

Wear a Long-Sleeve Performance Tee As a Base Layer

Look for a long sleeve performance shirt made from wool or a synthetic performance material. Shirts intended for running or cycling are usually good bets! This type of shirt will breathe, so you won't get too warm, but it will also be nice and insulating, so you won't get too cold. Look for a shirt with a lower, scoop neckline since you will be wearing a cute top over it (as discussed below.)

There are two directions you can go when it comes to color for this performance tee shirt. You can choose black so the shirt blends in and keeps you warm without really changing the look of your outfit--or you can choose a bright color, like neon yellow or pink, and embrace the shirt as a loud and proud outfit component.

Layer On a Cute Top

Once you have your base layer for warmth, it's time to focus on cuteness! A knit sweater is a good choice if you like the folksy/country look. If you're a bit more punk rock, maybe a studded leather vest would look great. Look for a top that offers a little bit of warmth, but don't worry about picking the thickest wool sweater possible. Your base layer will keep you comfortable, and you won't be as chilly as you think with so many people around you.

Pick Tighter Pants

Unless it's completely against your style to do so, you'll want to choose pants that are on the tighter side. This way, the material sits closer to your skin and will keep you a bit warmer during the festival. You also don't have to worry as much about your pants dragging in the mud or a puddle, which can make you pretty cold on a fall day. Fleece-lined tights are a good go-to choice, and you can find them in lots of creative patterns, making for a loud and exciting outfit.

Don't Forget a Hat

Hats are really popular at music festivals, which is definitely good news when fall rolls in! Choose a larger hat that you can pull down over your ears if needed. Any hat will go a long way towards keeping it warmer, since it insulates your head--and a lot of heat escapes from your head. 

Don Some Boots

Boots are the perfect footwear for a music festival in the fall! They keep your feet warm, make it easy to traverse a wet field, and keep people from stepping on your toes if you enter a mosh pit or rowdy area. Look for boots with little to no heel. Those made from leather or faux leather are a good choice, since they'll be water resistant and will offer some good insulation without really looking like winter boots.

With the tips above, you'll stay comfortable at a fall music festival without sacrificing your own style. Start shopping early so you can find performance tee shirts, unique tops, boots, and other items in your preferred colors and patterns. Have a great time, and be safe out there!