Tips To Get Started In Urban Style

As a new college student, you now have access to your university town's night life. Chances are you want to fit in and look your best, while also making a fashion statement of your own. The key is to ease into a new look so you feel comfort, because urban and street fashion is all about comfort and confidence. The following tips will help you develop an urban clothing style.

Tip #1: Make a classic unique

The t-shirt is a classic that you can't help but feel comfortable in. The key to elevating it to urban street wear status is to choose a t-shirt with a unique twist. This could be as simple as the artwork. Avoid quotes and cutesy graphics. Instead, rock a shirt featuring your favorite band. Bonus points if it is vintage. If graphics aren't your thing, then consider a unique cut. A shirt with an asymmetrical hem, for example, makes a statement without being over the top.

Tip #2: Be bold but not overwhelming

Your outfit should feature one statement piece. Pick something you love. For some, this is just the right jacket, which could be a vintage bomber, a side zip hoodie, or a motorcycle leather. Another option is to be loud with a pattern. For example, pair patterned leggings with a simple black t-shirt, or add a brightly patterned scarf to an all-black ensemble. Just don't mix patterns or wear more than one patterned piece, as this just looks messy.

Tip #3: Mix style with comfort

When it comes to pants, comfort and style are easily combined. Skinny is the way to go for both girls and guys, but there is no need to stick to boring jeans. Skinny cargo pants or leggings offer a nice change. Also, look for design extras on jeans. Holes and fraying, zippers, and studs all work to add a bit more style but aren't so over the top that you feel silly. Just remember, the more detailed your jeans, the simpler you want to go with the rest of your ensemble.

Tip #4: Accessorize

Accessories are what make any outfit stand out. For women, this is often done with a bag or a statement piece of jewelry. Have fun with the accessories, since this is one place where it's hard to go too far. A studded leather handbag or super large gold hoops are both a good choice. For the guys, focus on your kicks. Try on a pair of motorcycle boots or a pair of art-style All-Stars.

Visit an urban clothing retailer for more ideas.