4 Unisex Sunglass Trends For This Upcoming Summer Season

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to replace your sunglasses. Sunglasses are vital for protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. In addition, sunglasses are a fun and inexpensive way to add a bit of extra style to your look.

Whether you are shopping for sunglasses for a man or a woman, knowing these four fashion trends will help you choose a pair that looks like you purchased them in 2018, not 2008. 

Trend #1: Round Lenses

Whether you are buying high-end prescription eyeglasses from your optometrist's office or inexpensive sunglasses at the local dollar store, round lenses are the way to go. From small round lenses that evoke visions of John Lennon to oversized round lenses reminiscent of the 1970's, there is a perfect round lens pair for all different face shapes and sizes.

Trend #2: Faux Tortoiseshell Frames

When it comes to the frame for your new round sunglass lenses, faux tortoiseshell frames are very en vogue this summer season. However, rather than opting for the bulky "nerd" frame that has been in fashion, opt for thinner frames for a more updated look. 

Trend #3: Thin Metal Frame Sunglasses

If you don't like the look of tortoiseshell sunglass frames, you might prefer those made out of metal. Rather than choosing thick metal frames, opt for some with thin metal bands just big enough to do the job of holding the lenses in place but not big enough to be the stand-out feature on your face when they are worn.

For a bit of an unexpected pop, choose one of the colored aluminum or titanium frame options. When you turn your head sideways, then people will see a quick flash of royal blue, emerald green, red, or another color you love.

Trend #4: Wood Frame Sunglasses

If you want to stand out from the crowd and set the sunglass trend in your local area, then you must look at this year's options with wooden frames!

Wooden sunglass frames are made of ethically-sourced pine, teak, or sandalwood that is cut and polished into really unique eyeglass frames. Each type of wood has its own look because of its grain pattern, and all can be stained and painted to give them a wide variety of different looks. If you love the look of bare wood, then you can opt for frames that have only been oiled or waxed. Finally, if you prefer a more funky look, then you should opt for wooden frames that have been stained an interesting color. 

For more information on finding wood frame glasses, contact your local eyeglass store.