Are You Updating Your Wardrobe?

As you look at the clothes in your closet, do you see many of them, yet feel like you have nothing to wear? Perhaps you have gained or lost weight and many of the clothes just don't fit anymore. Or, it might be that your clothes are outdated and it's time to replace some of them. Whatever the reason that you are updating your wardrobe, from taking time to try on clothes to arranging for leather repair services for purses and shoes you just can't part with, here are some ideas that might help you.

Take Time To Try Things On

Do you have a full-length mirror? If not, consider buying one — at least an inexpensive one — so that you can see the entire look of clothes you will be trying on. You might discover that there are actually things that still look good on you and that they just need to be adapted so that you can wear them again. For example, you might have a pair of classic black slacks that just needs some great tops with which to pair them. Remember the strapless dress with the elasticized waist you bought when you were going on a cruise? Perhaps you never wore the dress after the cruise. Consider pulling it down to make it into a skirt and pairing it with a new peasant blouse. 

Accessorize Your Outfits

Think of ways you can accessorize the clothes you already own. Maybe you have an expensive column dress that might be a bit too large on you, yet you hate to get rid of it. Try adding a wide leather belt that you already own to see if it turns out to look super nice with the column dress. Now add your high top leather boots to see if they finish the look in a great way.

If the belt and the boots have seen a lot of wear in the past, they may need to be repaired. Perhaps the belt needs additional holes added. Take the belt and the boots to a leather repair shop. and the workers there can do their magic to make them look like new. The same goes for leather purses that you don't want to part with. You might have paid a lot of money for those leather purses, so it would probably hurt to get rid of them. Professionals at a leather repair service shop have the training and the experience to repair almost any leather item you own. And, the service is probably going to cost a lot less than buying brand new leather accessories.