Three Benefits of Compression Hosiery

One of the most common conservative treatments for many venous disorders is the use of compression hosiery. Some may not be excited about the prospect of needing to wear them, but with the advances in medicine, more people are actually wearing compression stockings now than ever in history. Here are three benefits of compression hosiery.

1- Alternative to Surgery. Quite often, doctors will prescribe compression stockings as an alternative to surgery. Surgery is usually quite painful with hard recoveries—and that's not even mentioning the hefty bill that comes along with it. Compression stockings are usually quite cheap and relatively easy to use. Wearing a simple sock can help the treat pooling of venous blood in the lower extremities. It can also increase blood flow and return. Though surgery may still be necessary, many can delay the need for it by using their compression hosiery faithfully. Make sure to be fitted by a specialist in order to avoid getting a pair of stockings that are either too large (thus not fulfilling their purpose) or too small (which can be quite constricting). 

2-Cost. The cost of compression stockings can vary greatly. Some use compression stockings without having been ordered to do so by a doctor. This group of people includes pregnant women and athletes. Depending on the height of the stocking and the compression level, stockings can be found online or in medical supply stores. However, for those who do have a doctors prescription, the cost of compression stockings is usually covered by insurance. It is a good idea to talk with your doctor before purchasing compression stockings out-of-pocket. 

3-Options. Now that more people are seeing the benefits of compression stockings, there are many options out there. Compression stockings used to come in either beige or black. That is no longer the case. While you can still get beige and black if you so choose, there are now many colors and a variety of patterns for any preference. In addition to stockings that go from the toes to the top of the calf or mid-thigh, leggings are also available. There are also differing lengths of sleeves that help to increase blood flow in specific places on the body. Compression hosiery is not just your grandma's stockings anymore; there are also special fabrics for athletes or younger patients. Be sure to check around before making any purchases.

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