Is Your Husband’s Best Friend His Favorite Golf Club?

A long time ago did you accept the fact that you would be sharing your husband with whichever golf course was available? Perhaps he is a member of a golf club, and maybe when you travel he finds out ahead of time where the nearest golf range is. No matter how your husband exhibits his love for golf, you are probably already centering that love as your plan a special Father's Day.

Maybe you already know exactly which gifts you'll be buying and which activity you want to plan for your husband's Father's Day. However, if you are still looking for ideas, from selecting men's golf clothing as your husband's gift to arranging a gold-centered activity, here are some ideas that might help you.

Men's Golf Clothing - Even if your husband already has golf shirts, don't you think he would be happy to receive new ones? Take a look at his favorite shirts, the ones he wears most on the golf course. Are they looking a bit worn? If so, consider buying the exact same brand and the same style of shirt so that your husband can keep the look he wants, but the shirt will just be fresher.

Another idea is to select totally different golf shirts and to pair them with good looking golf slacks and other accessories. For example, you could select navy blue golf slacks and then buy shirts that will complement the navy blue color. Yellow is one good choice for a golf shirt that would go well with navy blue. Or, go with red and white golf shirts which would look super with navy blue slacks. There are a lot of options when it comes to men's golf apparel

A Golfing Event - Think of a golf-themed event you could give your husband for Father's Day. For example, you could contact some of his golfing buddies and invite them and their significant others to your house for an outdoor barbecue. If you do that, remember that they will also be celebrating Father's Day. Think of ordering a large cake for dessert. Have the bakery decorate the cake with a golf theme, of course.

If you do invite others to your golf-themed dinner, consider asking the wives or sweethearts to bring part of the meal. For example, you could ask them to bring sides to go with the main course. One person could be asked to bring beverages. As all of you gather for the meal, think of asking each guy to share his favorite golfing experience. Don't be too surprised if he embellishes his story. That will just make it more fun, right?