Are You Planning A Special Father’s Day For Your Cowboy Husband?

Can you believe that the school year is over and that Father's Day is in just a few days? Consider what you will do for your husband on his special day.

Does your husband feel like he's all dressed up when he's wearing his go-to-meeting leather boots, his black jeans, a nice white shirt and a bolo tie? If he does, then you might call him a true cowboy. With that in mind, you are more than likely planning a cowboy-themed day. From buying cowboy apparel to planning an event your husband will enjoy, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select Cowboy Clothes As Your Husband's Gifts 

While it's probably true that your husband already has plenty of cowboy duds, he'll probably love new ones. Think of buying an entire set of clothes that he can wear during the summer and then into cooler months. For example, a plaid long-sleeved shirt in a vintage western design would be perfect over a T-shirt. Your husband will be able to wear the T-shirt now without the long-sleeved shirt. On chilly nights or in the fall, the vintage cowboy long-sleeved shirt will probably feel great. 

If you do go with a T-shirt, consider buying a white one that will go with any of the colors in the plaid long-sleeved shirt. Add a bit of interest to the T-shirt by selecting one that has a bull as part of the design. 

A cowboy can always use a new pair of jeans, right? Consider buying him a pair just like the ones he wears most of the time. Add a rustic leather belt with a handsome silver belt buckle to make the gift even more special.

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Plan An Activity Your Husband Will Love 

Do you still have kids living at home? If so, get their help in preparing your husband's favorite foods. Let them set the table with a special name card at your husband's place at the table. If you don't have children living at home anymore, consider hosting a pot luck meal for your husband's buddies and their â€‹significant others

Whether children and friends are involved or whether it's just you and your husband, think of ending the day by watching a Western movie right in your own home. A John Wayne classic or something like "How The West Was Wonare just two choices of cowboy movies your husband will probably enjoy. This is true even if he's already seen them.