Throwback Tees For A Wrestling Fan

If you grew up watching professional wrestling, you might have had toys and apparel that paid tribute to your favorite performers. All these years later, it can be enjoyable to occasionally watch some vintage matches online and recall the excitement you felt following this form of sports entertainment as a child. One thing that you may want to do is buy a throwback tee shirt that pays tribute to what you feel are the glory years of the sport. There are lots of throwback-style wrestling T-shirts available for sale online, and it can feel like a walk down memory lane to browse the styles and choose one that you like. Here are some popular designs.

Promotion Logo

If you were a fan of a particular wrestling promotion, there's a good chance that you can find a throwback T-shirt that depicts the promotion's logo. Promotions often change their logos over the years, and even if the present-day logo is popular, you may have more of a fondness for the logo you saw so often as a child. Most T-shirts feature a large rendering of the promotion's logo on the front of the shirt, and it may sometimes have a slightly faded look to help give the garment more of a vintage vibe.


You may gravitate toward a T-shirt that depicts a vintage wrestler. This performer may still be in the industry today, or perhaps has retired or even passed away. Whatever the case, it can be fun to choose a garment that pays tribute to one of the wrestlers that you enjoyed watching and perhaps even emulating when you were a kid. The wrestler will have a vintage look, often thanks to a retro hairstyle and retro clothing, which can give your new shirt a fun, throwback appearance.


Most professional wrestlers have at least one catchphrase, and you may still be able to easily recall the catchphrases of your favorite performers when you were a child. You'll see some throwback design tees that simply feature a large rendering of a classic wrestling catchphrase. This design can appeal to you if you often used this phrase yourself when you were a kid, perhaps shouting it while wrestling on your bed with your sibling. In such a scenario, you'll be excited to buy one of the shirts to show your sibling and any friends who were fans of wrestling as kids.

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