2016 Fall Leather Handbag Trends

As summer is coming to an end, many department stores are clearing out their summer merchandise and making way for fun fall finds. If you are an avid shopper or simply looking to update your closet with a few trendy pieces, you may be on the lookout for a great handbag that will be trendy and stylish. Paying attention to runway trends is a great predictor as to what styles, colors, shapes and sizes will be popular. Read More 

Four Reasons To Wear Yoga Clothing During Your Workout

There are many benefits found with yoga, from improving balance and posture to improving blood flow and circulation as you age. While yoga can be done practically anywhere that you have room for a mat, consider what you are wearing. Be sure to wear snug, form-fitting clothing for your yoga workout as it can make a difference in ease and impact during exercise. Four reasons why you should wear yoga clothing to work out are: Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Wide Width Shoes For Women

38 percent of women have wide feet and should be wearing wide width shoes. However, not all of these women realize that they need wide shoes. Their foot may have changed as they aged, and they have continued to wear their old size, or they may have never been sized correctly to begin with. If you are unsure of whether you need wide width shoes, you may have some questions about the topic. Read More 

How To Use Clothing To Protect Your Girls From Sun Damage

Whether you're heading to the beach with the kids or just want to spend the afternoon in the park, you need to protect your children from sun exposure to avoid immediate problems like sunburn and long-term issues like skin cancer. Instead of trying to slather everybody with sunscreen from head to toe, try investing in some clothes that are designed to block UV rays so you only have a little exposed skin left to worry about. Read More 

Concerned About Labor Conditions Overseas? How Can You Make Your Clothing Purchases As Ethical As Possible?

If you grew up during the U.S. manufacturing boom, before "made in China" became a common phrase, you may be concerned about the increasing news coverage detailing significant health and safety violations at a number of offshore manufacturing plants. While rising labor costs in the U.S. have spurred many companies to move the manufacturing process overseas, this move comes at a price -- in order to offset the cost of shipping raw goods and completed products, many overseas workers for U. Read More