Platform Shoes: How To Wear This Retro Trend

Platform shoes are back again. They were all over the runway, in magazines, and in stores this spring. And the trend is only getting stronger for fall and into next year. You might associate this look with fashion from the seventies, which is a strong component to many platform shoes. But there are lots of different ways to wear platform shoes and many choices that say modern rather than disco. Whatever your style may be, you can incorporate this fun and height enhancing look into your wardrobe, with a few of the following tips for maximum fashion impact. Read More 

Diabetes Tips: Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Diabetes is a condition that impacts millions of people, and it can have dire health consequences if it is not properly managed. Unfortunately, there are many things that must be done to properly manage this condition, and it is easy for patients to overlook some aspects of this care. In particular, it is common for individuals to underestimate the impact this disease will have on their feet. By following these two tips, you can help ensure that you avoid potentially painful complications with your feet. Read More 

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Felt-Soled Waders

One of the biggest debates in technical fishing clothing in the last few years has been the argument over felt-soled waders. These old-school waders allow for some great grip when the waters are running quickly, but there is a big dark side to them as well. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly associated with felt-soled waders.  The Good Out of all of the choices for wader soles out there, felt might offer the best traction on rocky river beds where rubber or studded soles can slip around. Read More 

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Create A Minimalist Wardrobe For Work

Getting ready for work takes up time in the morning. Decreasing the time that you must spend getting ready for work will give you more time to sleep, exercise, meditate, or spend with family before you leave in the morning. In order to decrease the time spent in preparation for work, consider coming up with a minimalist work wardrobe to make yourself happy. Go with neutral shades, plus a twist or two Read More 

How To Choose The Right Work Boots

Unless you have ever had the unpleasant experience of doing heavy labor in inadequate footwear, you have probably not put a lot of thought into buying work boots. However, for the laborers of the world, this is probably the most important article of clothing you will wear. The quality of your footwear can affect your comfort, your safety, your budget and even your ability to move easily. If you are getting ready to buy a new pair of work books, here are some tips to consider so you get exactly the right fit for your needs. Read More