Concerned About Labor Conditions Overseas? How Can You Make Your Clothing Purchases As Ethical As Possible?

If you grew up during the U.S. manufacturing boom, before "made in China" became a common phrase, you may be concerned about the increasing news coverage detailing significant health and safety violations at a number of offshore manufacturing plants. While rising labor costs in the U.S. have spurred many companies to move the manufacturing process overseas, this move comes at a price -- in order to offset the cost of shipping raw goods and completed products, many overseas workers for U. Read More 

Got Your Mermaid Tails For Swimming?: Here Is How To Swim With Them!

There are many beautiful and colorful mermaid tail swim costumes for sale these days. Along with the tails, classes have popped up in many cities and states that teach new "mermaids" how to swim with their new tails. If the price of your new mermaid tails for swimming have set you too far back for the price of a mermaid swim class, do not fret. Here is how you can teach yourself to swim just like a mermaid. Read More 

Four High-Tech Advances Making Motorcycle Jackets Safer Than Ever

Every motorcycle rider hopes that he or she will never get too close to the road for comfort, but when an accident does happen, your gear is often all that stands between you and the unforgiving asphalt. With this in mind, many manufacturers have been taking advantage of modern technology to ensure that your motorcycle jacket offers as much protection as possible while still affording the comfort and flexibility needed for long rides. Read More 

Platform Shoes: How To Wear This Retro Trend

Platform shoes are back again. They were all over the runway, in magazines, and in stores this spring. And the trend is only getting stronger for fall and into next year. You might associate this look with fashion from the seventies, which is a strong component to many platform shoes. But there are lots of different ways to wear platform shoes and many choices that say modern rather than disco. Whatever your style may be, you can incorporate this fun and height enhancing look into your wardrobe, with a few of the following tips for maximum fashion impact. Read More 

Diabetes Tips: Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Diabetes is a condition that impacts millions of people, and it can have dire health consequences if it is not properly managed. Unfortunately, there are many things that must be done to properly manage this condition, and it is easy for patients to overlook some aspects of this care. In particular, it is common for individuals to underestimate the impact this disease will have on their feet. By following these two tips, you can help ensure that you avoid potentially painful complications with your feet. Read More